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Catalan & Spanish

Updated versions of Special Stories (1.1.2) and Special Words (1.3.1) are now available from the App Store.

  • special-stories-iphone-ios-5-catalan.pngSpecial Stories now supports Catalan (“Històries Especials”) and has an improved Spanish translation.
  • Special Words also has updated Catalan and Spanish translations.
  • We've improved the thumbnail-sized display of pictures in Special Stories: these could sometimes look jagged in previous versions.
  • Many thanks to Marta Montserrat for her help with the Catalan and Spanish translations. Marta writes a blog, The Laia Telegraph, inspired by her daughter who has Down syndrome.

On our website we recently added a resources page with links to downloadable add-ons for both apps.

We also now have a site map to help you quickly find things on the site.