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Special iApps turns 5

Special iApps is 5 years old today!

exhibiting-in-oslo-april-2016.jpgWe have come a long way since first launching Special Words in English 2011, just a few months after the arrival of Apple's iPad 2. Now all 11 of our apps are available in Catalan, French, German, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish, and Special Words itself supports 23 languages.

In the last 12 months, we have been able to offer work experience and college-based project work for 8 students at Newcastle and Northumbria universities, have been at over a dozen events in the UK, and exhibited at our first overseas conference in Norway.

A big thank-you to everyone who has travelled on this journey with us, including the organisations and individuals who have helped with funding, testing and translation. Most of all, thank-you to all you parents, carers, teachers and others who have downloaded our apps, and given us such great feedback, and especially to all the children around the world who are enjoying learning with our apps.

We have exciting plans for the coming year, so watch this space!