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Survey and Thunderclap

What a month November is building up to be!

We've decided to turn our upcoming Impactathon & Celebration into a Digital Birthday Party! Special iApps is 5 this year, and it really couldn't be easier to get involved. We're making some virtual noise with our first ever Thunderclap – you can take part by following this link:

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When you've clicked to sign up, you'll be part of the growing online community giving us a shout out on November 26th. There's nothing for you to check up on or worry about – one click is all it takes! Then our message will be automatically shared on your social media feed at 12.30pm. It's really that simple to show your support.

We're still very excited about the launch of our brand new Teacher's Manual, and we're looking for people to try it out alongside our apps. The manual is not only aimed at Early Years, but is also applicably adaptable to older children with learning difficulties that need EYFS material to support their development.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, or if you know anyone working within the Early Years sector, drop us an email at and we'll set you up with further information.

Finally, Karen Leigh Anderson from UnLtd Big Venture Challenge and the Cambridge University Centre for Social Innovation is conducting a quick research survey for us. We'd be really grateful if anyone with experience of work within the Early Years sector could spare 5 minutes to have a look into it. We'd also appreciate feedback from anyone working within a pre-school setting like child-minders, or nursery nurses working in private day care settings or school based foundation units.

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