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New Year Add-Ons

It's the perfect time to download our New Year add-ons for Special Stories and Special Words.

fireworks_0.jpgWe've kept things clear and simple - but with our usual element of fun! Let your little ones see the New Year in on Saturday night and after a lie-in on Sunday, why not make their first Special Story of 2017?

Whatever everyone gets up to, we wish you all the best.

Add-on for Special Stories

Add-on for Special Words

To import, you need to already have Special Stories and/or Special Words. Tap the add-on link above, to open the app. Select Add new collection (Stories) or Add new profile (Words).

You can then edit the story or word list, to add your own text and sounds. To return to previously-selected content, use Manage Collections (Stories) or Manage Profiles (Words). For help see Support - User Guides.