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Updates for Special Stories

We are pleased to announce the availability of free updates for Special Stories on iOS and Android.












The app now supports Romanian and Ukrainian languages: many thanks to Ileana Gheliuc and Maryna Maiboroda for providing the translations.

We have added a new option, requested by parents, to turn the pages of a story by swiping to left and right. This is suitable for children who can swipe more easily than they can tap, and know their left from their right! You can use the app's settings to enable this.

On Android, it is now possible in the app's settings to select standard device fonts instead of the fonts we supply. For devices running Android 4.4 and later, printing stories and emailing them as PDF now works for all letters and fonts. Earlier versions of Android do not offer printing: for these it is possible to create a PDF, but only for Western European characters, in a Helvetica font.

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