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Wi-Fi sharing between Apple and Android

Lots of people have asked if it's possible to transfer stories and profiles directly from an Android phone to an Apple iPad, or from an iPhone to an Android tablet. The answer is, with our latest updates for iOS and Android, now you can!

data-sharing-diagram-v1.pngPreviously, you had to export as an email attachment on one platform, and import from the attachment on the opposite platform. Now you can transfer directly using Wi-Fi.

The sharing options in these apps are very comprehensive (see diagram) but always under your control.

For details see our User Guides

Other goodies included for free in today's updates:

  • New Ukrainian audio and text for Special Words (thanks Tania and Maryna)
  • "No sound" button in Special Stories page editor on Android (already on iOS)
  • Jump to any page in Special Stories by tapping page number (new on Android)
  • You can now choose the standard system fonts in Special Words on Android