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World Down Syndrome Day

We're celebrating World Down Syndrome Day next week, as we do every year! March 21st is recognised by Down Syndrome International as a day to celebrate all the gifts a life with Down syndrome can bring, where people around the world take part in raising awareness and fund-raising activities.

WDSD are continuing with their annual LOTS OF SOCKS campaign, and we're joining in too. Don't forget about our free Sock add-ons for Special Words and Special Stories that we created especially for World Down Syndrome Day.


socks-words_1.jpg      where-is-the-sock-stories_1.jpg

In our Where is the Sock? add-on, there are lots of activities to teach children about prepositions (on, under, in, etc). For use in Special Words, you can always add your own voice for the new words your child is learning and in Special Stories, our Sock images can be used to reinforce language acquisition and sentence structure.

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In Lots of Socks, there are 20 fun and colourful images of socks accompanied by the word “socks” in different languages. It's a fun way to find out about new cultures, and all of the different languages were provided by our wonderful volunteers.

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We'd love to know how you're celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, so be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos and keep up with us on Facebook with whatever you get up to.