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Our Brand New Teacher Manual Trial

We're thrilled to announce the launch the first in our series of Teacher Manuals this Autumn – and if you're a professional working in a school or nursery following EYFS in the UK, you're exactly who we'd like to hear from!

We're holding a pilot of our new Teacher Manual for Special Words on iPad during June and July this year. Our resources have been developed in collaboration with experienced teachers and pre-school SEN co-ordinators, and aim to make it as easy as possible to make the most of our apps with children under your care. The guidance within the Manual includes advice on how to enhance learning and development, as well as helping to assess progress being made in EYFS areas.


We've been busy at work creating a new 'PRO' version of Special Words to be used alongside the manual, and it's been enhanced with lots of classroom friendly features such as reporting and recording results. As part of the pilot, you'll be given exclusive access to the app before we launch it officially – complete with all of its EYFS resources to try out.

What we're looking for from participants includes comments, reviews and feedback on the Teacher Manual, our Special Words Pro app and the additional EYFS resources. We're looking for primary schools and nurseries who can use the collection with their classes over the Summer term.

Special Words Pro includes:

  • Sheets for recording learning progress & assessments
  • Printable cards and baseboards for classroom use
  • Access to downloadable curriculum resources

Our EYFS curriculum resources cover areas including:

  • Geography - Transport, Weather, Seasons...
  • History - Stone Age to Great fire of London
  • People & Communities
  • Understanding of the World

We hope you're as excited about our new project as we are, as it's a great opportunity to feedback ideas and suggestions as we develop more in our work to help children with special needs and additional learning needs.

You can apply here to be part of our exciting trial. Be quick to register though, as places are limited.

(Registration is now closed)

We can't wait to hear from you!