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Let's Sign - My 1st Signs

my-1st-signs-look-sign.pngYesterday we released a free update to our Let's Sign - My 1st Signs app for children who are deaf or hearing-impaired. For use on iPad, and featuring graphics from the Let's Sign BSL series that's widely used in the UK, the app is designed to help children learn signs for over 150 words. As well as British Sign Language (BSL) signs, it also includes variants that will be familiar to users of Makaton and Sign Supported English (SSE).

New in this update:

  • Data Sharing

    If you add your own photos and audio to the app, you can now share your updated profiles using iCloud Drive.

  • Settings

    The app's wide range of adjustable settings are now all in the app itself, not in the iPad's Settings app.

  • Other Changes

    We've fixed a few minor bugs, and updated the User Guide.

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