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Special Words - Two New Editions

We are very pleased to announce 2 new editions of our Special Words app.

Special Words Web

Available now!

We have had lots of requests since we first launched Special Words for a way of trying it before buying. We understand that you can't always be sure whether your child will want to or be able to use an app until you've downloaded it.

Now you can do this free of charge, using the new "web app" edition of Special Words, which we have called Special Words Web. You can try it for up to 7 days on at most 5 devices. As it's a web app, you don't need to download it from a store, instead it just runs from our website. You just need to quickly register to use it.

As well as running on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, it also works on Windows and Mac (using the mouse if the computer doesn't have a touch screen). This means you can play with the app even if you don't yet have an iPad or tablet.

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Special Words Pro

Launching very soon!

As you may know, we have been working hard over the Summer to develop and trial our new professional edition, Special Words Pro. This is perfect for teachers and parents who want to get more out of the app with their children.

Special Words Pro has all of the content and features of the standard edition, but there are some extra things it offers, including:

  • Printing the cards for paper-based activities
  • Access to our growing library of curriculum resources
  • Sheets for recording progress and assessments

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