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World Bedwetting Day

Bedwetting is an issue we all face with our children and to mark such a hurdle, today is World Bedwetting Day. Did you know that it is now officially recognised as a medical condition from 5 years of age? It can have lots of different causes and it is certainly not your child's fault. These things just happen!

maya-toilet-training.jpgThis year's World Bedwetting Day focuses on empowering parents. If you're thinking about toilet training your child or are currently tackling this big milestone, we have some special tips that could make the process that little bit easier for you and your little one.

If your child is already familiar with our apps, great! If not, don't worry. They are simply designed and easily configured to suit your child's specific needs. Special Stories and Special Words are going to become your best friends during this process! We have special toilet training add-ons that can be downloaded into both apps. Details of how to do this at the bottom of this blog.

Special Stories and Special Words focus on communication, understanding and learning, three areas which are a big part of being able to toilet train with success. Children need to learn a whole new set of skills that are unfamiliar to them. They need to communicate their needs be telling you they need to go while understanding the necessary steps to using the toilet.

By playing with the six different activities Special Words has to offer, your child can become familiar with the images and words associated with toilet training. They will come to recognise each object and over time be able to communicate the words to you as you are toilet training. With Special Stories, you can create a "how to..." of using the toilet. By putting together a sequence of actions, they will learn what the routine and process is of using the toilet. With both apps, you are able to personalise the images, words and audio to something your child will find recognisable and can easily understand. You could take photos of your bathroom; the toilet, the sink, the soap, etc, and use them within the app or record your voice saying the words to add extra familiarity to the activities.


It is important to remember to not rush into this big step and that things won't be successful on the first try, or even the twentieth! Toilet training takes time and patience but by preparing your child for this change by using our apps, things will hopefully run that little bit more smoothly.

Let us know over on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages if you have used our apps for toilet training. We'd love to know if you had success, how you personalised the apps to help your child and most importantly how your child found the whole process.

Good luck!

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