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The weekly food shopping can be something of a chore. You seem destined to end up with the trolley that has a wonky wheel and the checkout queues always feel a mile long.

william-in-farm-shop.pngHave you ever thought about your child being your special little helper on the trip? William was certainly ours! Over the half-term holiday from school, we visited the local farm shop to pick up some ingredients for our dinner that night. We could not have done it all without his help!

Food shopping doesn't have to be a task you dread doing, especially when you have a star helping you out. There are a number of things you can to do make the shopping into a fun and educational outing for them, and you! For us, Special Stories is perfect for this activity.

William carried the basket around the shop and filled it with all the items on our list. As he excitedly picked the meat, fruit and vegetables, we snapped away on the iPad to create a Special Story all about our shopping adventure. When we got home, he was able to show the rest of the family how he helped to collect everything for our meal. Over dinner we talked about his visit to the farm shop, what he picked up and how he helped pack the bags. The story we created with William became a great talking point!

Special Stories is a great way to improve communication but it can also help to improve your child's recognition. By taking photographs of them within the grocery store, they will begin to recognise the environment more and be familiar with the layout. You could then give them their own little shopping list to follow with a step-by-step story of photographs from around the shop. It's a simple tool to transform a mundane task into a highly beneficial experience.

The stories you create can have a number of benefits for your children. Being able to personalise the photos, text and audio can help to improve their reading skills, encourage their spoken language and help with their social skills. It can also help you as a parent to explain routine tasks in a clear and simple way.

There are many ways you can develop from your shopping experience and we have another great blog all about how coming up very soon! Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram to be the first to know about our latest blogs and Special iApps updates.