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What's in the Shopping Bag?

If you read our previous blog post, you will have seen the grocery adventure we recently had with William. It was wonderful to see his face light up as he collected the items for our dinner that night.

After we created the initial story using our Special Stories app, we wanted to take the learning experience that one step further. We decided to create a story all about what was in our shopping bag that day. Having taken a picture of each item individually, we then captioned the fruit and vegetables and William recorded the audio for each page. This may seem like a simple idea but it is a great way to encourage spoken language and have them involved in the families routine tasks.


Another great way to use Special Stories is to create a small shopping list specially for the children. You can take a photograph of each item that you need them to collect on the adventure. This in turn provides a visual aid for them to follow around the grocery store. It becomes a treasure hunt of sorts for them to complete. And what little one doesn't love a treasure hunt!

We have one more special tip to reinforce and develop the educational aspect of this shopping journey. You can transfer your stories into Special Words so the children have new activities to play and learn with. Our user guides explain the many ways of transferring content between our apps.

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