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We're Off to See the Butterflies!

We are very lucky where we live here in Durham, UK, as there are so many wonderful places to take William. He is able to regularly have new experiences, see new things and explore the world around him.


We recently went on a little trip to Houghall Plant Centre, where amongst all the shrubs and flowers sits a small butterfly house. On a cold day, the warmth of the conservatory makes for a very inviting environment!

When we went inside, William went straight to the mini waterfall and became fixated on the water feature. Upon realising we were not going to be leaving any time soon, we began making a Special Story of the butterfly house. We snapped away around the environment, capturing photos of the butterflies, a snail, the chrysalis and William's favourite feature, that all important waterfall.

After spending a wonderful time amongst nature, we returned home where William excitedly showed the family his newest story! To make his social story even more personalised, he recorded the audio for each page, reading out loud the text we had written.



Creating the stories is a simple and quick activity that you can produce as you go! It will not interrupt your day or take up any of your precious time at home printing and sticking a photo book together. With Special Stories, you are able to carry your story books with you wherever you go and can transfer the content to our Special Words app. It all couldn't be easier! Our user guides explain the many ways of transferring content between our apps.

User Guides

Our apps have a number of educational and social benefits, especially when used in combination. They reinforce the learning experience, helping to encourage spoken language, increase sight word vocabulary and improve fine motor skills. Communication is key to development and the use of our apps can hep progress this important social skill.

For this little adventure with William, we were able to make a talking story book, but there are no limits to what you can do with Special Stories! You can use it for learning new skills, photo albums, step-by-step instructions, recipes and so much more. We would love to know the different ways you all use Special Stories! Share your photos and anecdotes about making the stories with us on our social media channels FacebookTwitter or Instagram or feel free to drop us an email at: support@specialiapps.org.