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Life cycle of a butterfly!

In our blog last week, we showed you our recent outing to a local butterfly house at Houghall Plant Centre here in Durham. We used Special Stories to create a personal story book of William's adventure. However, we did not want the learning to end there.


There are many ways our apps can work in tandem to reinforce their educational benefits, as well as improving many of your child's social and developmental skills. Content can easily be shared between Special Stories and Special Words in no time at all. We particularly enjoy being able to use the stories we created with the different activities Special Words offers. It's great for homework tasks!

Speaking of Special Words, we have a number of curriculum resources available in the Pro edition of Special Words. Special Words Pro is great for teachers, therapists, professionals and parents who are looking to do more with their child. There a range of resources to download, from the seasons and the solar system, to history and our understanding of the world.

One of the curriculum resources we currently offer is the Life Cycle of a Butterfly, perfect to use alongside the story we recently created at the butterfly house. What a coincidence!




Upon downloading the butterfly resource, William spent the afternoon using it within all the activities of Special Words Pro. He had great fun matching the words and pictures together! We also transferred the resource into Special Stories. This meant he could read along with the life cycle of a butterfly, gaining more of an understanding of how butterflies come to be while also developing his reading and language skills.

If you use our curriculum related resources, let us know what your child or pupils think! How did it help as a learning tool and what kind of Special iApps resources would you like to see in the future? Let us know over on our social media channels: FacebookTwitterInstagram.

Happy learning!