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Learning the Signs for Garden Wildlife

Over the past week in our blogs, we have shown you different ways you can use Special Stories and Special Words in collaboration from just one single outing. Well, we aren't going to stop there! We have one more final tip for you all.


Learning new skills and developing existing ones is a continuous process and it takes time. With help from Special iApps, your child can gain from the educational impact our apps have while still having fun. You can also tailor the apps to their specific interests or hobbies to help keep them engaged.

As we have recently been learning all about butterflies and their life cycle with William, it seemed a perfect opportunity to learn the sign language for garden wildlife with My 1st Signs. Our app includes the wonderful BSL sign graphics from the Let's Sign BSL Series by Cath Smith of Deaf Books.





We used the app to learn the BSL for butterfly and caterpillar, as well as a whole range of other small animals and creepy crawlies you would find in the garden. William then played with all the activities the app has to offer to help him learn each of the words. Sign language can benefit any child! It encourages them to interact and communicate which in turn will develop their social skills.

Practise your BSL with the little ones this weekend. Download My 1st Signs for your iPad today and let us know how you all get on. We love to hear the ways Special iApps is supporting children's learning.

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