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Down at the Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O

broom-house-farm-lunch.pngWe had had some wonderful weather recently here in Durham, UK, so what better time than to visit a local farm. Broom House Farm is a lovely place for children to explore the outdoors and see animals in their natural environment. It's also perfect to help the little ones burn off their never-ending energy!

One of our favourite things to do on outings with William is to create a memory using Special Stories. It is a great way to share moments with our family and friends. It becomes a digital photo-album that we can easily carry with us wherever we go. The app also helps William in a number of ways, improving his reading and spoken language as well as his social skills. It's a win-win all round!

After a wonderful lunch at Broom House Coffee Shop (which William demolished may we add!) we wandered around the grounds of the farm, capturing his interactions with the animals and surroundings. The farm also has a number of small windmills which were a must to be included in this story, they're one of William's favourite things!




Using Special Stories alongside William meant he was involved in creating the social story and had a valuable input. He showed us what he wanted us to take photographs of and could verbally communicate about all the animals we were seeing. One of the great things about Special iApps is that children of any ability can be involved and take full control of using the apps. They can be in the driving seat of their experiences and learning!

In a few days we will have another blog heading your way all about how we developed from this initial adventure. We'll show you how we used our other apps alongside this story and the benefits they can have when working in tandem. We'd love to hear your stories all about how you use our apps so be sure to share them with us on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.