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Special Words and farm animals

Developing from experiences with William is something very important to us, it is one of the reasons we developed the collection of apps we currently have. Using them in tandem has such an impact not only on children's educational development but on their social and communicational skills too. Who knew apps could do so much!

william-using-ipad-at-garden-table.jpgAfter visiting Broom House Farm, we used the activities in Special Words to develop more of an understanding and recognition of the farm animals. In the original 96 word list, we have the written and spoken words, as well as the pictures, for duck, pig, sheep and cow. However, with the stage William is at, we wanted to develop further past this simple level.

Being able to transfer content between our apps is a fantastic feature! We were able to transfer our farm story into Special Words, having personalised photographs from the adventures and creating more advanced words. Instead of just "pig" we titled the photo of the daddy pig as "boar" and of the baby pigs as "piglets". It's simple to create a new word list and can be done as you are having fun around the farm. You can take new photos of different animals and objects to help improve your little ones' language skills.

The great thing about Special Words, as well as our other apps, is that children can grow with them. As they develop and gain a greater understanding of the world, this can be reflected into the app's content. Special iApps will hopefully become your go-to tool and friend for life!

special-words-duck-pig-sheep-cow.png   special-words-duck-pig-sheep-cow_0.png

Sue, who is a Makaton trainer, told us how Special Words was helping her son to improve his speech, pronunciation, fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, recognition of words and objects. The app can be changed to grow with him as his vocabulary expands. It is brilliant for children with additional learning needs, it capitalises on visual learning, it is a fun interactive game that would also be useful for pre-school children.  You can read more reviews under the "Our Apps" section on our website.

It would be great to hear from more of you too! We would love to know how you're using the apps, how you personalise the apps to grow alongside your children and what impact Special iApps has had. Feel free to send us an email (support@specialiapps.org) or message us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

We hope to hear from you all soon, but in the meantime, happy learning!