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Preparing for the New School Year

ready-for-school.pngSchool uniform - check.
Smart new shoes - check.
Shiny pencil case - check.
Special iApps ready on the tablet - check!

Getting ready for going back to school can be an exciting time. The children get to pick their new shoes and enjoy the novelty of wearing a smart uniform. We've all had the back to school fashion show, it's a defining moment of every August in the UK and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, all this excitement and change can become very overwhelming for many children. Their familiar routines are disturbed and changing after a peaceful summer spent playing. They are faced with meeting many new faces and being in new environments that can seem rather scary for small children. Many are starting nursery or school for the very first time, others moving up a year or even transitioning to the next stage of their academic life. There are an endless array of ever changing factors that are altered for children. Life never remains the same as we get older, we are continuously transitioning from one stage to the next.

This big new step in life doesn't have to be something to fear or be anxious over. It's perfectly normal for some people to need extra help to explain and introduce new faces and new routines. This is where our Special Stories app comes in. It is being used around the world in lots of ways, within many homes and schools, to help children and adults through school transitioning, home-school communication and assisting with homework and topic work, as well as creating stories of special occasions and memories.

We have also free add-ons for Special Words that depict the school surroundings, to help familiarise and initiate conversations. We hope that these images will be useful as your child moves up through the school years, starts a new school or just to help them readjust to school life after the long summer break. You can even add your own words, photos and audio to personalise the content and tailor it to your child's specific needs and environment. One great idea is to take photos of your child's new classroom, the corridors they will be walking and the teachers they will be seeing every day. This will help to familiarise them to the change so as not to have an overwhelming first day come the start of term.

So whatever this new academic year may hold, we hope that with the help of Special iApps and our range of apps, your child can have a smooth transition into their next stage of life. Good luck to everyone going back to school and we hope you have a wonderful time learning!