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August 19, 2018

School add-ons for our apps

The new academic year is coming round fast! For many teachers, this is a time for preparation, of endless printing, decorating display boards and detailed planning for your year group's curriculum. Special iApps are here for the year ahead (and beyond!) to support all newly-qualified and experienced teachers in the education of children with additional needs.

Here is a quick rundown of our apps which can help support and reinforce learning this year for children with a range of abilities and skill sets. You can create personalised activities within the apps to support your pupils and curriculum.

Special Numbers

This app helps to develop those all important early number skills for children within EYFS. The clean interface means the app is free from distractions and is not sensory overwhelming, a particular bonus for many children with autism.

The actives within Special Numbers aim to help children understand the different parts to a number; the name, symbol, value and order. The app is easily configured to suit a range of abilities and can be personalised to individual pupil's interests. No matter whether you're class is learning to count 1-5 or ordering the numbers 1-20, there are activities for everyone to learn from.

Special Numbers has also been noted by speech therapists to help with sound production. Even just simply going through the numbers 1-10, you have a good range of sounds at the beginning and ends of words with those tricky 'f' and 's' sounds.

Special Stories

This app has so many wonderful possibilities! It is a great way to encourage home-school communication between yourselves and the parents. For William, we create a social story of what he got up to at the weekend and in turn, school give us a daily story about what he has done in class each day. This communication can only benefit a pupil who may be needing some extra academic support. It's also a great way to help support homework tasks too! William has had homework sent home through Special Stories all about learning the Roman numerals or even about the cells within a plant. We've said it before and we'll say it again, the possibilities really are endless! Special Stories can be used as far as your imagination will take you.

Through creating social stories, Special Stories also encourages the development of spoken language, improves reading skills and helps with a child's social skills. The app can be used to support your curriculum, create visual timetables and very easily become part of your teaching plan.

Special Words Pro

This app is going to become your best friend in a matter of no time. The range of activities, which you can fully personalise, encourage pupil's communication, language and physical development, as well as their personal, social and emotional development. As a pupil's vocabulary expands, you can very easily add new content to the app to encourage further development. Special Words is also a great way to engage children with technology while also using is alongside traditional and holistic teaching methods. The app can also be used in collaboration with Special Stories to reinforce the learning and support your curriculum.

Special Words Pro has all the fantastic features of the standard edition of the app but it also includes printing, assessment sheets, dual control and an ever-growing library of curriculum resources. Don't say we don't give you anything! Find our more about the curriculum resources we currently offer.

Curriculum Resources

We also have a Teacher's Manual designed to give practical advice to teachers following EYFS and National Curriculum. It provides a comprehensive and workable collection of ideas to assist teachers in the education of children with additional needs using Special Words or Special Words Pro. This manual presents clear instructions for using the app, downloading from the library of additional add-ons and assessment procedures.

Order Now

If you aren't familiar with our apps yet, give them a try before your school returns from the summer vacations. They're very easy to learn and you'll be a pro at them in no time. You'll be able to hit the ground running with your Special iApps knowledge come the start of term.

We hope the academic year gets off to a great start for you and your pupils. Have a wonderful time with your year group and happy learning!

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