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Match & Find - now for iPhone too!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Match & Find version 2. For users of version 1, this is a free update.

We designed Match & Find to help train and improve children's working memory. This is where the brain temporarily holds information while it is processing it - you need a good working memory for lots of aspects of mental development, including literacy and numeracy. Now you can use the fun activities in Match & Find on your iPhone wherever you go, without needing your iPad! 


These are the main changes in version 2:

  • A fresh new look, more like our other apps
  • Compatible with iPad and now also iPhone and iPod touch
  • Compatible with iOS 12 (still supporting iOS 8 to 11)
  • Compatible with "Smart Inverse Colours" in iOS 11 and 12
  • Child safety gate (parental lock) for links out of the app
  • Bug fixes (including for issues with audio not playing)

The app includes built-in help, and you can find full details of everything it has to offer in its detailed User Guide on our website. Currently-supported languages are English (UK and US), Catalan, French, German, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish.

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Match & Find is also available as part of our Special Collection bundle, which also includes Special Words, Special Stories and Special Numbers, at a reduced price compared with purchasing individually.

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