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Important Updates for Android

We have today released updated versions of our Special Stories and Special Words apps for Android.

These address a number of issues, including crashing and inability to take pictures or record sound, as well as printing-related issues in Special Stories. Thank you to those who have reported problems.

We strongly recommend all Android users update to the latest versions of our apps on the Google Play Store.

Download Special Stories

Download Special Words

If you have Android 5 or earlier, your device will prompt you to grant all the permissions any app needs in order to install or upgrade it. On Android 6 and later, you have finer control over the permissions granted to each app, and you can manage this from the device's settings at any time.

In order to add content, both Special Stories and Special Words require permission to use the camera, microphone and storage. The updated versions will now ask you for permission when you take a new photo, choose an existing photo, or record your voice (if you haven't already granted these).

As always, if you have any difficulties or other questions, please let us know.