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New look Special iApps

This is an exciting time for Special iApps as we have a brand new website to share with you all! 

We felt it was time for a fresh new look and we have been busy working away on the new website you see here. We have lots of new photographs, which you may have seen across our social media channels, and have also added more infromation all about how our apps can support parents, professionals, and more importantly, children! 

girl and boy using iPad in classroom

As part of the new Special iApps, we have given our website:

  • A fresh new layout, making it easier to navigate around the site and find information quickly 
  • More information for professionals about how our apps can support you and your pupils
  • Information and real world examples of how our apps can support families at home
  • Examples of how our apps are used in different areas of learning, such as supporting special educational needs and disabilites. You can find this and more in the Our Apps section
  • Real stories from around the world from Special iApps users at home and in educational settings
  • We've also put together a simple explanation of your buying options in our How To Buy section

There is so much for you all to explore with this new site so spend sometime exploring the new Special iApps and let us know what you think!

boy smiling in classroom

Many more pages across the website are now available in languages other than English: Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.

With this new look, we will be continually updating information across the site to provide a greater level of support to all our existing users and those new to Special iApps. If you haven't already, make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss any important announcements! 

Our website address is still https://www.specialiapps.org. We want the work of Special iApps to reach more children around the world and we would be grateful if you could share our brand new website with your friends, colleagues, support groups, Facebook pages, even shout it from the rooftops! Let's help more children develop and achieve their goals with educational technology and, as this years World Down Syndrome Day theme says, leave no one behind.