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Coming soon to Android and Chromebook

Our newest apps for Android and Chomebook, Special Numbers and Match & Find, are currently in the hands of our little app testers and will be available for everyone very soon! 

Our developers have been working hard behind the scenes here at Special iApps to bring Special Numbers and Match & Find to Android and Chromebook users. Before their big release, we have some fantastic families and schools testing them out. 


The apps have been with our testers for a couple of weeks but we are already receiving some great feedback. One of our beta testers has been using the apps with her son Daniel, who is 9 and has Down syndrome. They shared this photograph with us learning with Match & Find on their Alpha Interactive touch screen. It's always great to see our apps on the big screen! 

Both apps will be released on Google Play in the coming weeks to help your children and students develop early number skills, working memory, and much more. 

We always enjoy hearing how our apps are being used and seeing children and young adults using them, and it would be great to hear about your experience. Send us your feedback in an email to support@specialiapps.org, we'd love to feature a testimonial by yourself on our website, and even a photo and video of your children using our apps!