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Special Numbers and Match & Find now available for Android

We have been working away here at Special iApps to bring Special Numbers and Match & Find to Android devices and we are thrilled to say they're now available to download on Google Play!

With many of us now back to school, it's the perfect time to download Match & Find and Special Numbers from Google Play to help your little ones with their memory and number skills! If you're new to Special iApps, here is a quick rundown of what each apps does!

Match & Find app icon

Match & Find 

  • Activities to develop memory, matching, searching and sequencing skills.
  • Improve different aspects of visual and auditory memory
  • Spoken and written words included in 9 languages
  • Support for those with poor fine-motor skills and switch accessible
  • Choice of colour scheme to assist visually-impaired children 

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

  • Activites to develop counting, matching, ordering, comparing and selecting skills
  • Adjustable number range between 1 and 20
  • Customise settings to suit abilities and concentration levels
  • Improve hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills
  • Easily configured to suit different abilities and interests, and grow with children as their skills and confidence develops

Feedback from our Testers

Over the past month we have had some wonderful families and professionals around the world testing out the apps who have provided some valuable input to make the apps the best they can be. They also shared with us how their little app testers got on using the apps and the progress they began to make within just the short time of using the apps. 

Andrea and Zoe

"Zoe (age 12) enjoyed all of the activities in Special Numbers and was really pleased that each one could be made harder - she was very proud of herself when I said they were too easy! I love this aspect - making it personal to her abilities is a brilliant feature. She is very reluctant to do anything in life independently, but after some practice she was left to complete Match the Numbers with ten numbers and did it entirely by herself - Mummy and Zoe both so proud!"

"Zoe's enthusiasm for accessing learning activities on her tablet has increased while using Special Numbers and Match & Find, as she is seeing the success and is proud of herself, and they held her attention better than most other apps. We really love that you can adapt the settings so much to make it just right for her, Zoe's younger brother (age 6) loved that he could use them too and they were able to play on it together."

Girl using Special Numbers on Android tablet

Suzie and Sofia

"Sofia has always struggled with staying engaged when it comes to number work but we are loving Special Numbers. It's easy for her to navigate the menus, and the activities keep her focused and engaged. There is no set time limit to complete tasks and is in a typeface that is visually accessible for her. Since downloading the app we have been utilising it for a minimum of half an hour each day sometimes in blocks of 10 minutes sometimes longer depending on how much Sofia is wanting to do. She finds the app very straightforward to use independently and doesn't like me 'interfering'. She is enjoying herself while learning, 5 stars from us!"

Boy using Match & Find on an Alpha Interactive touch screen

Carolyn and Daniel

"I think that Special iApps are great as they are designed with an understanding of learning difficulties, i.e. they are less "babyish" than many similar level apps and a lot of apps are Americanised or cluttered with adverts. The screen is not cluttered with visual distractions but is focused on what needs to be displayed. The images are clear and not ambiguous and they are motivating to use."


"My 3 year old son with DS has loved using these apps. He quickly got the idea behind Match & Find and it was particularly useful in helping develop his matching skills. Special Numbers became a firm favourite of his as he loves to count and this gave us a new way to work on his number skills."

Download on Google Play 

To transform your child's learning, simply search for our apps on Google Play or tap one of the buttons below to get started!

Download Match & Find

Download Special Numbers