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Special Spelling is now available!

We're thrilled to say that our brand new app Special Spelling is now available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore! 

Special Spelling is perfect to practice spelling at home and at school, and like all our apps is adaptable to all abilites and ages. We have collaborated with some fantastic families, teachers and speech therapists who have provided valuable feedback to help us develop the app.

This is still an early version of the app, and if there is something you think could be beneficial in the app, or something that could do with a little more work, please email us at support@specialiapps.org with your thoughts. 

Here is a quick rundown of Special Spelling and some of the app's features.

Special Spelling app icon

Special Spelling

  • Teach spelling patterns, vowels and letter sounds
  • Promote letter recognition and increase vocabulary 
  • Reinforce knowledge of letter names
  • Encourage listening and sound production
  • Increase sight-word reading
  • Create your own spelling lists tailored to learning needs and curriculum work
  • Personalise with your own text, photos and audio
  • Image and text hints provide varying levels of support
  • Transfer content between Special Words, Special Stories and Special Spelling

Feedback from our Testers

"My son has enjoyed trying this and has impressed himself with how well he's done as he has a speech and language delay so always feels he's not as as good as the rest of his class. As a parent I think this is a great app to help a child develop their speech, language and spelling, my son loves playing on his tablet so a really good educational app is a sneaky way of me getting him to do 'school work' when he thinks he's not!" Victoria.

Special Spelling - Spell the Word activity

"Although Sofia is still learning to recognise her letters we have found that using Special Spelling has been of great benefit. The joy on her face when she spells a word is indescribable. Her confidence with sounds and letters is improving everytime we use the app and have found the hints very beneficial." Suzie and Sofia.

"Zoe is very new to spelling, having taken a whole word reading approach so far rather than phonics and having a significant visual impairment - we have noticed that she only looks at the first letters of words and wanted to introduce spelling now so this app couldn't have come as a better time for us! I genuinely think it will be worth its weight in gold as we try to introduce her to the world of spelling and looking beyond the first letters!" Andrea and Zoe.

Download Special Spelling

To support your children's spelling skills, simply search for our apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore, or tap one of the buttons below to get started!

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