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Resources to Support Learning during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here at Special iApps, we had a number of exciting things planned for this year. However, due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, we are now prioritising making additional content available for free, to existing and new app users, during this difficult time.

Many of us around the world are are now homeschooling our children, and many schools are providing education and care for children of key workers. Our apps can support your children’s learning over the coming weeks and months, with facilities to personalise, create and share content.

We have made available many new resources, that can be downloaded into either Special Words or Special Words Pro, and then transferred to any of our other literacy apps. They’re available for download until 30th June 2020

new resources available to download into Special Words

These are in the form of word lists with text and images, but without pre-recorded sound. You can have some extra fun adding your own voices with your child! They are available in English, but if you want to use in a different language, you can easily edit the text.

If you're looking for more ways to support different areas of learning at home, we put together a blog full of different tips and uses for our apps which you can read in our previous blog item.