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App Updates for iOS and Android

New updates for Special Numbers, Special Spelling, Special Sentences and Match & Find are now available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon. 

For newer devices, all our apps are now fully optimised for iOS 13 and Android 10. For older devices, we continue to support back to iOS 8.4 and Android 4.1 in the current versions of all our apps. 

Following on from user suggestions, Special Sentences now has a new option "Place cards in order".  If you turn this on in the settings, then your child must build each sentence by placing the first word in the sentence, then the second, and so on, in order.  When it's off (by default) the cards can be placed in any order, as before.

Text to Speech in Special Words and Special Stories

The new "Text to speech" option we added to Special Words and Special Stories for iOS  is now also available in our latest updates for Android.  Using your device's text to speech (TTS) facility to hear a simulated voice provides an alternative to adding your own sound. 

See our latest videos below showing you how to enable and use in Special Words and Special Stories on iPad. For Android it's similar, except you enable the option from Menu > Settings (from Word List in Special Words or the main view in Special Stories).

You can choose different text-to-speech voices on most devices, e.g. male or female and sometimes higher quality.  We have an answer explaining more about this in the Sound and Text category of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Words: Text to Speech

Special Stories: Text to Speech