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Support Learning at Home with a Visual Timetable

Children thrive on the routine of the school day, and now many of us around the world are home schooling due to school closures, it can be difficult for them to lose this structure to their day. 

A great way to build some routine back into their day, is to create a visual timetable with Special Stories. You can show them what work you will be doing each day that week so they have something to focus on and look forward to. 

We have a range of videos showing different ways to support learning at home, as well as some creative ideas for using our apps for some much needed fun during this time. You can find all our help videos here

Extended Offer: Learning at Home Resources

With the coronavirus lockdowns, school closures and continued remote learning in most countries, we have extended the availability of our Resources for Home Learning add-ons for Special Words and Special Words Pro until 30th June 2020

Resources for Home Learning

Each list comprises text in British English with matching images, but without sound. You can record your own or your child's voice for each word using the app, and if you want to use in a different language, you can easily edit the text too. An alternative to adding your own sound is to use your device's text to speech (TTS) facility to hear a simulated voice, which you can read more about in our previous blog.

Download the resources from the Word List view, using Actions > Import Word List (iOS) or Menu > Sharing > Import Word List (Android) and selecting "Download from Special iApps".