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Returning to School After Lockdown

In England, plans are being put in place for certain age groups to return to school at the start of June, after the schools were closed in early March due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

There will be a number of changes when our children return to school, which may be overwhelming for them. School provides children with routine and structure, and it may be difficult for them to cope with all the changes in their classroom. Using Special Stories can be a great way to support children during this time, helping them to prepare for returning to school after a significant time away from the classroom, as well as helping them to understand why things are different right now.  

We created the story below to explain a few points that might be different when returning to school. You could ask your children's teacher to take photos of the new classroom set-up, of what the school environment now looks like with social distancing measures in place, and create a story to make things personal to them. Stories like the one we created can help children prepare for the changes ahead, hopefully making things less confronting on the day they return as they have had time to prepare for the changes they face. 

This story is now available to download for free into Special Stories, which you can use as a template and personalise it to your child's school. Ask their teachers to take pictures of what the classroom now looks like with social distancing measures in place, and tailor the story to your children's experience. 

Until 30th June, you ca download the story we created. In Special Stores, tap the action button on iOS (at top left in list of stories), or on Android the menu button (top right) and select Sharing. On all devices then choose Import Story and Download from Special iApps. This story is the first one in the Miscellaneous collection.

Continue to support learning at home

Not all year groups will be returning to school at once, with many of us continuing to home school for the foreseeable future. Our apps help those remote learning to bridge the learning gap and support early childhood development. 

Our literacy apps: Special WordsSpecial SpellingSpecial Stories and Special Sentences all target specific areas of a child's learning and can support literacy work. Special Words can help children learn new vocabulary, Special Spelling to improve spelling and letter recognition, Special Stories for social stories and reading, and Special Sentences for writing and reading.

All of these apps allow you to create your own content personalised with photos, text and audio. They're a great way to adapt school work to suit abilities, and can progress with children as they develop new skills. 

Transfer content between home and school

The sharing features within our apps allow families and schools to stay connected. Schools can send stories and word lists home for children to learn, and families can send stories back about what their children have been learning while at home. It's very quick and simple to do this, as you can share content between the apps on different devices, or you can email work as a PDF.

Download our resources to support home learning 

We have extended the availability of our Resources for Home Learning add-ons for Special Words and Special Words Pro until 30th June 2020 to continue supporting those remote learning. You can find the full list of resources and instructions for downloading them on iOS and Android here

Special Words - home learning resources