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iOS Special Stories update

An updated version of Special Stories for iOS is now available:

  • We've increased the maximum sound recording duration to 60 seconds (that's already the limit in the Android version). If you want to add lots of written text to a page, remember that you can turn off Large Text in the app's settings to make it fit.
  • We've fixed a problem on iOS 7, where selecting from a large number of collections or stories (e.g. to print a story) was difficult because the list didn't scroll properly.
  • The View Online Documentation button in the Extra Actions view, which shows pages from our website, now opens Safari instead of showing them directly from Special Stories. This has the advantage that you can disable this (to prevent your child following links to other web sites) by using Apple's Restrictions or Guided Access facilities.
  • For users in countries such as Bulgaria and Ukraine, we've corrected the Cyrillic letter “а” in our font.

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