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A number of people have asked us if they could use a particular font they like in our Special Stories or Special Words apps, and we have now released updated versions of both for iOS to allow this. From the Extra Actions view in either app, tap the Settings button, and you will find a new Font setting.

special-stories-ipad-opendyslexic-1.jpgYou can choose from a variety of fonts:

  • The Special Letters font included in our apps is still the default. We now also include two OpenDyslexic fonts, designed to increase readability for users with dyslexia (as shown here).

  • You can use any font provided by Apple's iOS: over 200 are available as standard in iOS 7.

  • Provided your device is running iOS 7.0 or later, you can also install additional TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) font files on the device and use these. If you have additional fonts you wish to install, we suggest using the AnyFont app to do this, and recommend that you use TrueType fonts (OpenType fonts may not display as intended in stories when printed or if emailed as a PDF file).

In Special Words, we have also changed the View Online Documentation facility to use Safari, and fixed a problem when selecting from a large number of profiles, just like for Special Stories (see previous blog entry).