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Norwegian Special Words

We are please to announce that version 1.3.0 of Special Words is now available from the App Store. If you have an earlier version, you can update free of charge.

  • special-words-iphone-ios-5-norwegian.pngWe have added Norwegian (bokmål), bringing the number of supported languages to 13. Many thanks to Lars Erik Brustad, General Secretary of the Norsk Nettverk for Down Syndrom, for contributing the translation and voice recording.
  • The graphics in this version are optimised for the high resolution screen of the new third generation iPad. Some of the pictures actually now look slightly sharper on the iPad 1 and iPad 2 as well.
  • We've fixed some issues with the timing of animations and sounds. In previous versions, if you had words with long audio recordings, these could overlap the reward applause. There's now always a clear gap before the reward. If you feel this makes the app seem slower, you may want to increase the animation speed slightly in the Settings.
  • When used on an iPhone or iPod touch, longer phrases on cards are no longer truncated. If your child finds the small font used for longer phrases hard to read (this applies to the iPad as well), you may want to make use of the device's Zoom feature: you can enable this using the Settings app (in General > Accessibility).

Please note, if you use the Export and Import features:

We have changed the file format used by export and import, to cater for the new iPad. As a result, profiles exported by version 1.3.0 cannot be imported by previous versions. However, version 1.3.0 can import profiles exported by all earlier versions. If, for instance, you regularly transfer data between different devices used at home and at school, you need to ensure you update the app on both devices.