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Creating Custom Stories with Special iApps

With Special Stories Plus, you can spark your children’s imagination and create custom stories that are unique to them. Whether that’s a reimagining of their favourite fairy-tale or a retelling of your day at the zoo, fact or fiction it’s all possible with Special Stories Plus.

Our engaging apps were created to provide an exciting learning experience for children with special educational needs, help them develop their very own stories and improve their language skills along the way.

Many children use Special Stories Plus for home school communication, we have stories going back since we created Special Stories in 2011. Reading these together are personalised books and memories that you can look back on and share. Research shows that children’s lived experience is key to development. Retelling stories with them as the main character makes story telling so quick and easy.

What’s more, our apps are available in a variety of languages too! So you can create stories in any language.

How to create custom stories with Special iApps

With more than 500 resources available to download to your Special Stories Plus app, the possibilities, and the exciting tales, really are limitless. We have story-telling downloadable add-ons that not only support learning new vocabulary but also the basis of creative writing by editing.

Simply explore our range of educational resources on our website, which have been specifically designed to reflect a wide range of topics and areas of life. From there, download the resources and they’ll be added to your app package.

For instructions on how to download and add to your app, you can read the user guide here Special Stories User Guide or watch our Special Stories Help Videos.

Note: Add-ons are currently available for British and American English, Spanish and Italian. However, you can easily personalise the resources to use in any other language.


Inclusivity In The Classroom

Once you’ve fully downloaded the resources you’re interested in, you’ll be able to add them to your stories.

What’s more, we add new resources regularly, so you and your child will be able to explore new and exciting topics each and every month.

Simply check back on our website or on our Social Media channels and you’ll see all the new topics you can download. From there, you can make stories together, and rest assured they’re learning something new along the way too.

In addition to the resources we have available to download, if your tablet or device has a camera, you can also add your own pictures to your stories too. So, if you’ve had a great day at school, or a memorable family day out, you can capture all of that on Special Stories Plus.

Why not pair this with your own text to describe your day, or record a special message with the use of audio. Some parents use the synthetic voice on the device, others record their own or their child reading.

We’ve developed the award-winning Special iApps alongside parents, teachers and speech and language therapists to make learning as engaging and rewarding as possible. No two children are the same, and while some may love dinosaur stories, others might love princess stories or animals - we aim to cater to all.

So, make the most of all the customisation options available to you and engage your students or child in the process of creating their own stories.

The educational benefits of custom stories

Not only do the Special Stories Plus help your child flex their imagination and creativity, it’s also a great way to support their vocabulary development.

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher or a speech and language therapist, Special iApps tools have been adopted by a range of individuals and professionals who are passionate about supporting children with special educational needs.

All learners react well to something if they’re interested in the topics. That’s why we have been so keen to develop Special Stories Plus with the ability to create stories led by your child and you.

We’ve developed the app to use rich, colourful imagery that supports word association as their language is developed. What’s more, the ability to use pictures from your day-to-day life has been shown to be hugely valuable in developing word association skills.

So, whether your child has special educational needs or is experiencing speech delay, the ability to develop custom, personal stories based on their own experiences and interests, is a really powerful tool in supporting their development and love of reading.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can support a child with special educational needs in your life, explore our Special iApps.

Special Stories from Special iApps


Make The Most of Special iApps Membership

Make the most of your Special iApps membership and discover all our additional resources to develop your own custom stories.

With so many options available to recreate classic tales or make your own stories about your day, it’s a fantastic opportunity to engage your child, ignite their imagination and develop their speech and language skills too.

Find out more about our Special iApps and explore all the additional resources available to you on our Special iApps Membership Page.