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Why is the screen black when I try to take a photo?

On Apple devices, you need to grant the app access to the camera, in the Settings app > Privacy.

How can I take better quality photos than with the built-in camera?

Use a good quality digital camera. If you have an iPad, you can buy an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit from the Apple Store, and connect the camera's USB cable directly to the iPad: you can then import any photos from the camera directly into the Photos library on the iPad.

If you don't have a connection kit, or for an iPhone or iPod touch, you can transfer photos from the camera to your Mac or PC, and then synchronise to your mobile device using iTunes.

Alternatively, email photos as attachments to yourself: when you open the email on your mobile device, you can save the attachments to the Photo library (on iOS) or Gallery (on Android).

Why do my printouts not fit on the paper?

Our native apps generate output to fit US Letter paper for users in the US and Canada, and ISO standard A4 paper in the rest of the world. When printing, please use and select the matching paper size. If this is not possible, print to file (PDF) and then print the PDF to paper from another application that can scale pages to match the paper size.

Our web-based apps by default generate ISO A4 pages in all countries except US, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Dominican Republic, where the default is US Letter. Your country is determined from your device's Internet address, using publicly-available address tables. Depending on your ISP, this may not always be correct. We do not collect or store your address.

You can override the page size used by our web-based apps by appending to the address of the page used to install or run the app:


where size is one of the currently-supported sizes: A4, Letter and Legal. Please always select the matching paper size from the browser dialog when printing.

Our apps generate their own page headers and footers, and for pages from our web apps to fit you may need to suppress the option in your web browser to add its own. This is not usually necessary if using Chrome, Edge or Firefox, but is required if using Safari on Mac. Unfortunately, browser headers cannot be disabled when printing to a device from web apps on iPad or iPhone, so you may prefer to print from our app on a desktop or laptop computer instead.

Why does macOS or iOS say website has been blocked from printing?

On a Mac, iPad or iPhone, if you cancel the printing of content from one of our web-based apps, and then try to print again, you may see the message This website has been blocked from automatically printing with Ignore and Allow buttons. This is a feature of Safari. On iPad or iPhone, select Allow to continue. On Mac this does not work: you must instead select Ignore and then go back to the previous screen in our app (e.g. Word List in Special Words) before continuing.

Why does the app say "Unable to Print" and "Copyright"?

Some of the downloadable content in our web based apps, that has been licensed from third parties, is permitted to be used in the app but not be printed. You will see this message if you try to print content that is restricted in this way. You may instead be able to purchase paper-based resources from the copyright owner.