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Award-Winning Educational Apps

Specially designed to support children with special educational needs.

Help children reach their full potential with Special iApps

Create personalised learning resources in minutes and access 600+ curriculum add-ons with a membership to Special iApps.

Support children at every stage of their education and development with a 14-day free trial.

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Making a difference to children's lives

Purchasing a membership to Special iApps gives you access to all of our award-winning apps from only £ 50 a year (US$ 60, € 60).

Included in your membership are the "Plus" editions of:

  Special Words
  Special Stories
  Special Spelling
  Special Sentences (Beta)
  Special Numbers (Coming Soon)
  Match & Find (Coming Soon)

Our range of apps allow you to create personalised resources and use differentiated learning, Special iApps also work with organisations such as Numicon, Makaton and Teach Me Too to offer over 600+ downloadable resources and add-ons.

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About Special iApps

Beverley and Colin Dean founded Special iApps in 2011, as a non-profit social enterprise when they couldn’t find the apps they needed to teach their younger son William, who has Down syndrome and autism.

Special iApps work very closely with parents, teachers, speech and language therapists, and many other professionals. We trial our apps, and improve them based on feedback from people like you.

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How Special iApps Works

Membership to Special iApps is available on an auto-renewing annual subscription basis. It allows you to use Special Words Plus, Special Stories Plus and Special Spelling Plus (Beta) on a range of devices.

A Single Device Membership costs £50 (US$60, €60) a year, and a Three Device Membership costs £100 (US$120, €120) a year.

Once you have signed up for your membership (don’t forget you can subscribe to a FREE 14-day trial) you will then receive instructions on how to install and use the apps. You’ll also receive an invitation to our private Facebook Members Group, where we share information on using the apps, experiences of other members and information on updates and enhancements to the apps.

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New Resources

Not only do we provide a wide range of extra-curricular educational resources available for Special Words Plus and Special Spelling Plus as word lists and Special Stories Plus as single word flashcards, but we partner with educational organisations too.

Our partnerships with Makaton, Teach Me Too and Numicon help children have access to a wider range of educational resources - all for free!

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Real Stories

"When we looked at the educational software available for our children with special educational needs none of it was really suitable. Then I discovered Special Words and it was an absolute revelation. The interface was clear and straightforward with no distractions and the activities weren’t too difficult. Children could progress at a pace which suited them and pick the activities they wanted to do without having to do stages they weren’t interested in first.

"Most of all we found that all the children who used Special Words just found it enjoyable and, because they liked it so such, motivation was never a problem."

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