An explanation of promo codes

What are promo codes?

Promotional codes or promo codes provide free downloads of Apple or Android applications and can even be used before the application is available for sale.

Developers can issue a small number of promo codes to individuals or organisations who can then download the app from the associated store free of charge.

For how long are codes valid?

Codes are valid for 4 weeks from their issue date, or until the app is updated and a newer version of the app is available from the store. It is therefore advisable, if you receive a promo code, to redeem it as soon as possible or to give it back so it can be reallocated before it expires.

Can I have a promo code?

Typically, app developers receive many more request for promo codes than they can fulfil, and Special iApps is no exception. We do give promo codes to individuals and organisations but have a set of criteria that needs to be met. Please read our policy below, and if you feel that you qualify, contact us with information about your self and why.

Our policy

There are a large number of good causes around the world, and sadly we are not in a position to be able to support every one of them. If we get requests from individuals, schools or professionals it is very difficult for us to judge that one request is more deserving than another.

If the request is due to finance then there are charitable organisations, friends, colleagues and church groups local to your area, and we know that these individuals and groups do exist and are more than willing to help and support a needy cause that is in their own community. If you know of an organisation that supports children and families please let us know as we can share the information with others and raise awareness.

As part of our mission, we directly support a number of organisations with which we have an ongoing close working relationship. We have also built relationships with organisations in poorer countries where being born as a disabled child can mean being sent to an orphanage rather than going home from hospital with one's parents, or disabled children are not educated.

There are a few situations where we can consider issuing promo codes. These include:

If would like to be considered for a promo code for one of the above uses, please contact us. If we have sent you a promo code, follow the link below to redeem it.

Redeem a promo code

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