Special Words User Guide

3. Editing the Word List

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Tapping Word List in the main menu from any activity presents you with a view of all the words in the currently-selected profile, in the order they appear in the activities, as shown on the rightabove. You can use this to quickly move all activities to a particular page, by tapping the text or picture of one of the words, and then returning to an activity (by tapping the < in the action bar at the top left).

To rearrange the existing words or to delete any, you must first tap the locked padlock button so it changes to unlocked.

You can change the text, picture or recorded sound for any word, by tapping its > button.

To add a new word, tap the + button. This will add the word at the start of the list, unless you first tap an existing word's text or picture, in which case the new word will be inserted after that one. So to add a word at the end, scroll down to the last word and tap it (which will highlight it in blue), and then tap the + button.

To the leftAbove we have already tapped the padlock button: to delete a word, tap its wastebasket icon and confirm when prompted. To move a word up or down in the list, drag its up and down arrow icon.

When finished deleting or reordering, tap the padlock button again.

When you tap the + button, or the > button next to a word, you see a details view like the one on the rightabove, allowing you to add a new word or edit an existing one.

Tap in the text field to change the text: use the on screen keyboard which appears.

To set the picture, either tap Choose picture to select from the photos in the device's Gallery, or tap Take picture to take and use a new picture using the device's camera. For devices with 2 cameras, you will be able to choose which one to use.

If the picture has the wrong orientation, use the rotate button in the action bar at the top to turn it round. The ideal picture dimensions are landscape 4:3.

To record the sound of the word, tap the Record sound button, wait for its text to change to Stop recording, and then speak clearly. To end the recording, tap the Stop recording button. Try not to leave a long gap at the start or end of the recording. If you don't stop recording within 10 seconds, it will stop automatically. Use the Play sound button to check your recording: you can record it again if you're not happy with it.

When you are happy with the text, picture and sound, tap the Save button at the top right to confirm your changes. If you're editing an existing word, you can change any or all of these things. When adding a new word, you must set all 3 items, and the Save button is disabled until you have done this.

It is possible to have more than one list of words, each is referred to as a profile. Each profile can have a different set of words, pictures and sounds, and each profile can use a different language. Profiles are explained in detail in Chapter 5.

Please Note:

If the device doesn't have a camera, the Take picture button will not be present, and you can then only choose pictures already in the Gallery.

It is not possible for Special Words to detect whether the device has a microphone. If you are using a tablet that has no microphone, you must turn off Record new sounds in the app's Settings, or you will not be able to save any updates to words or pictures. Some tablets that have no built in microphone support connecting an external microphone (or headset with microphone) via the headphone socket: if you have a compatible external microphone, you can use that.

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