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5. Managing Profiles

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Special Words supports the use of multiple profiles. Each profile has its own list of words, pictures and sounds, and you can switch between profiles, add and delete them, copy words between them one at a time, and export and import profiles individually. Initially, the app has just one profile, containing its standard 96 words.

The 4 matching games use whichever is the currently-selected profile and, except where noted, the app won't change which profile is currently selected. If you don't need more than one profile, you can largely ignore this feature, unless the written and spoken words are not appearing in the desired language.

As well as its list of words, pictures and sounds, each profile has:

To manage profiles, tap Profiles from the main menu in the Word List view. You will see a view something like on the rightabove. Initially, there will be only one profile shown, Profile 1, and there will be a check (tick) next to it to indicate that it is the currently selected profile.

To add a new profile, tap the + button. You will be presented with a choice of 3 options, which determine the initial list of words in your new profile:

Once you have more than 1 profile, you can at any time tap the checkbox for the one you want to be used subsequently in the matching games. In the screenshot above, we have set At School to be the currently selected profile. When you create a new profile, it is automatically selected for you.

To change a profile's name, or to inspect or change its language, tap its > arrow button to the right. You will then see a view like the one shown on the leftabove.

Here you can enter a new name, and select any one of the available languages. You may need to scroll the list of languages up and down to see them all. The first language in the list is always named Default: selecting this means the profile will use the device's current language, as described above. Selecting any other language will use that regardless of the language the device itself is set to use. In this example, the profile named Words in Spanish has been set to always use Spanish.

You can change the name or language of any profile at any time, whether it is the currently selected profile or not. Changing these does not change which profile is currently selected in the matching games.

When you have made your changes, tap the Save button at the top right to return to the list of profiles.

Note to English speakers outside the US: there are 3 English voices built into Special Words: Australian, British and American. If your device doesn't allow you to select the one you want in its Settings app, you must set it explicitly in Special Words.

Note to Flemish speakers: to hear Special Words (Speciale Woorden) in Flemish (Vlaams), change your device's Language (Taal) in the Settings app (Instellingen) to Nederlands (België), if this is an option. If it's not, set each profile's language in Special Words to Vlaams.

Note to Afrikaans, Albanian, Hindi, Icelandic, Luxembourgish and Welsh speakers: To use any of these, you must explicitly select it on a per-profile basis in Special Words, not from the Settings app. Hindi characters will only be displayed correctly if your device includes Hindi in its default fonts.

Once you have more than one profile, there are a number of other things you can do:

Please Note:

Using the Reset button from the main menu in the Word List view deletes all profiles, not just the currently selected one, and reinstates the original standard profile with default language. A warning alert is displayed before this happens, in case you tapped the button accidentally. To prevent your child accidentally deleting all the profiles when they are playing the matching games, turn the Editing option off in the app's Settings, as explained in Chapter 4: this will also prevent profiles being edited, but it will still be possible to select different ones.

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