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Apps for Autism

Children with autism are often drawn to tablets and smartphones. 

This is often because they are fascinated by details, or find the screens easier to look at than making eye contact with other people.

With careful selection of appropriate apps, we can harness this interest to help children on the spectrum learn. This applies to children diagnosed as high-functioning or having Asperger's syndrome, as well as those who are lower-functioning.

Our apps are helping many autistic children around the world, and are:

  • Free from visual and auditory distractions that can upset and distract
  • Designed to break learning down into manageable steps
  • Easily personalised, to harness the child's interests and avoid their dislikes
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities
  • Tested and recommended by experts in ASD from many countries

Featured App - Special Stories 

Special Stories - My name is William

Designed to break learning down into small steps, Special Stories allows you to create stories personalised with your own photographs, words and audio.

This app is perfect for creating and sharing social stories, communication passports and visual schedules, as well as supporting home-school communication, school transitions, homework, life skills and explaining step-by-step tasks. There are no limits to what you can create! 

Discover Special Stories

What Our Users Say

“In our opinion, Special iApps have thought of everything to ensure children with Special Educational Needs can enjoy and achieve using their apps. Perhaps the most exciting part of their apps is that parents and teachers can fully personalise them, taking into account a child’s likes and dislikes and ensure they meet their child’s needs.”

Georgina Durrant, The SEN Resources Blog

"Working as a teacher of students with disabilities, incorporating social stories is key to the learning process. I utilise social stories for teaching positive behaviours and unlearning negative behaviours. Special Stories will now give my social stories more life with an even greater personalised meaning to my students.”

Frances, Teacher