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Apps for Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

These two conditions are quite different, but one thing they have in common is that mental ability and intellectual skills are usually unaffected.

People with Dyslexia may have difficulties with reading, writing and spelling, often having trouble with the order of letters in a word, or confusing letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’ or ‘p’ and ‘q’.

Those with Dyspraxia (also called developmental co-ordination disorder, or DCD) can appear to be clumsy, owing to poor co-ordination involving gross or fine motor skills.

Our apps support those with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in a number of ways:

  • Includes the use of the OpenDyslexic font in all apps which was designed to be easier to read for many with Dyslexia. 
  • All our apps supporting those who can't position objects precisely 
  • Activities are visually clear and simple with no distracting backgrounds or noises
  • Customisable settings to suit individual needs and abilities
  • Activities in our apps are not timed, you can take as long as needed

Featured Apps - Special Words and Special Stories

Special Words using the OpenDyslexic font     Special Stories using the OpenDyslexic font

Special Words and Special Stories both offer a choice of smaller or larger font sizes, and include two variants of the OpenDyslexic font (differing in the shape of the letter ‘a’). You can also use any of the standard fonts on your device.

All our apps are designed to be easy to use for children who have difficulties with fine and gross motor skills, and problems with hand-eye co-ordination. Our apps respond to the child's intention when tapping or dragging, even if they place more than one finger on the screen or are unable to position items accurately. 

Discover Special Words     Discover Special Stories

What Our Users Say

"One of our pupils does not read or write so checking and questioning understanding is very difficult. He responded very quickly and positively to Special Words, without it we would have no idea exactly what he is capable of achieving"

Ms Watts, Teaching Assistant

"I think the fact that the apps are so interactive, so simple and so easily personalised makes them a fantastic addition to any classroom. Apps that can be easily adapted to include lessons are invaluable as most of the work is actually done by the app, saving valuable classroom time."

Ms Hills, Teaching Assistant