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Apps for Hearing Impairment

Apps our apps are designed to support children with hearing loss and impairment.

Special iApps was created by parents with direct experience of hearing impairment. Bev and Colin's son William has conductive hearing loss and has worn hearing aids from when he was quite young.

hearing loss education applications for kids

We ensure that all our apps support children with hearing loss by having:

  • No distracting background sounds
  • Include audio that is clear and spoken slowly
  • Options are included to select when audio is used
  • All of our apps can be used without audio
  • Several apps allow you to record your own voice

Featured App - Special Words Plus

hearing loss education applications for kids

The activities in Special Words Plus were designed in collaboration with speech and language therapist. They help develop communcation, language and listening skills.

The app is available in 27 languages, all spoken clearly for children to understand. You can record your own audio in the apps, or ask your children to speak into the app to record their voice.

Special Words Plus is included in the Special iApps Membership, along with Special Stories Plus, 500+ resources, ability to use the apps on any device and much more.

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What Our Users Say

“She picked up the signs very quickly. Her confidence to use her signs to communicate improved and she began initiating conversations herself. I actively encourage her to sign in group time and we teach the other children too.”

Ms Hills, Teaching Assistant

"There are a number of principles that have been followed to ensure that Special iApps work well for children who might find other educational apps overwhelming or inaccessible. Their success is what makes them such well-rounded and useful apps."

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