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All our apps provide children the tools needed to support their education and development.

Special iApps is a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA).

Our apps are supporting teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and speech therapists to transform the education of children with SEN, helping them to thrive and reach their full potential. 

Apps for Every Child

Special Words app icon

Special Words

An invaluable app for visual learners to promote language and communication, word, picture and sound recognition, speech and sight-reading.

Special Spelling app icon

Special Spelling

Help children to become confident with spelling with a range of activities to teach spelling patterns, letter sounds, understanding vowels and more.

Special Stories app icon

Special Stories

Create social stories personalised with your own photos, text and audio. A great tool for home-school communication and Education, Health & Care Plans.

Special Sentences app icon

Special Sentences

Support emerging readers by encouraging sentence building, comprehension, and confidence in reading.

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

Develop vital early number skills such as counting, matching, ordering and comparing, with activities easily adaptable for all abilities.

Match and Find app icon

Match & Find

Help children train and improve their auditory and visual working memory, as well as developing language and fine motor skills.

Why Special iApps?

Save time creating resources

Special Words - science equipment

Produce high-quality visual resources quickly and easily within our apps. Personalise your resources with your own photos, text and audio, or ask students to create their own.

Share information 


It's easy and safe to share content in school, and to and from home. Copy content between devices and apps, or exchange resources using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud-based services or email.

Free resources

word list - egyptians

Expand learning and develop students knowledge with our free resources, as well as adapting curriculum work to suit individual needs.

Adjustable settings for all abilities 

Special Words settings

Adjust the settings of all the activities to suit changing abilities. It's a powerful facility for revealing a child’s full potential and developing new skills.

What Our Users Say

teacher using apps with students

"Special Words is an effective resource to enhance communication, language and literacy skills, and has a positive impact on children's development."

The Durham iPad Project

"Special iApps are fantastic apps that cater for children with SEN, they have thought of everything to ensure children can enjoy and achieve using their apps."

The SEN Resources Blog

"Special iApps are my go-to for the children in my class as they can be adapted to meet all of their needs." 

Allison Hills, Teaching Assistant

"We credit Special Words with kick-starting my daughters reading and now at very nearly 10, she is a fantastic reader."

Sarah Sutton, Parent

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