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Special iApps and Learn and Thrive: Being a Social Enterprise and a Charity

As part of the launch of Teach Me Too resources in Special Words Plus, we thought it would be great to share with you how Special iApps and Learn and Thrive are funded, and how you can play a part. 

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Guest Post: Learn and Thrive - Debbie and JJ's Story

Debbie and her daughter JJ, who has Down’s syndrome, have been doing the ‘Growing Up and Keeping Safe’ series from Learn and Thrive as part of their new Learning for Life project.

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Numicon Resources Now Available

Exclusive Numicon resources are now available for all Special Words Plus and Special Stories Plus users to develop important numeracy skills.

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Numicon and Special Stories Plus

We have released 60+ Numicon resources for Special Stories Plus to help children develop important numeracy skills. 

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Numicon and Special Words Plus

Find out how you can use our Numicon resources with Special Words Plus to support children's learning 

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How to Gift an App

Gifting an app is a great way to support children's education, particularly through lockdown when many of us are learning remotely. Learn how you can gift an app through the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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Returning to School After Lockdown

In England, plans are being put in place for certain age groups to return to school at the start of June, after the schools were closed in early March due to the Coronavirus outbreak. With a number of changes being put in place in classrooms, using Special Stories can help children prepare for the changes they may find in their school. 

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Using higher quality text to speech voices

Our new text to speech feature is now available in Special Word and Special Stories. To hear the the most life-like simulated speech, if using an Apple iPad or iPhone, you can choose from one of the Enhanced voices that you can easily download to your device from Apple. 

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Support Learning at Home with a Visual Timetable

Children thrive on the routine of the school day, and now many of us around the world are home schooling due to school closures, it can be difficult for them to lose this structure to their day. 

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App Updates for iOS and Android

New updates for Special Numbers, Special Spelling, Special Sentences and Match & Find are now available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon. 

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