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Starting School

To help her and all of your new starters, we have created free add-ons for Special Words and Special Stories that depict the school surroundings, to familiarize and stimulate conversations.

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Special iApps turns 5

We have come a long way since first launching Special Words in English 2011, just a few months after the arrival of Apple's iPad 2. Now all 11 of our apps are available in Catalan, French, German, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish, and Special Words itself supports 23 languages.

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Booking for DNEX 2016 Seminars

The 2016 Disability North Exhibition is being held on September 21-22, at Newcastle Racecourse. We will be exhibiting on both days, so come and see our apps in action on stand C16.

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New Team Members

We are delighted to welcome Lauren-Rae Dodd and Andrew Robinson to the team at Special iApps. Both are recent graduates of Northumbria University.

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Anniversary of The Somme and Brexit

One hundred years ago today, the Battle of the Somme commenced in Northern France. In October 2012, Bev, Joseph, William and myself visited the Thiepval Monument, and found inscribed there the name of Thomas William Hutchinson, Bev's great grandfather, who lost his life on the first day of the battle.

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Special Words 3 for Android

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Special Words 3 for Android.

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Touch Apps in German and Polish

With Katha and Jana's help, we have completed the translation of all our apps into Polish and German, releasing updated versions of our Touch Apps.

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Match & Find in German and Polish

Our Match & Find app for the Apple iPad is now available with two additional languages, German and Polish.

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Special Numbers in Polish

Following the recent addition of Dutch and German to Special Numbers, Katha has now translated the app into Polish, as Specjalne Liczby.

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Student Employee of the Year Awards

Special iApps recently participated in the Student Employee of the Year Awards, presented by the National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES).

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