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10 tips for a successful school transition

We have learned so much through William's transition journey through his mainstream education into Early Years, Primary and Secondary school (and still have a lot to learn as he continues his transition into adulthood).  We want to share more of our tips to help you and your child experience successful school transition extending from our 'Top 5 tips for preparing children for school' blog.

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William’s Transition Story Through Mainstream School

After sharing some of our top tips for school transitioning, we thought it would be great for our founders Bev and Colin to share there family’s experience of navigating William’s school journey through mainstream school so we asked Bev to write an article about Williams successful transition.

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Top 5 tips for preparing children for school

Transitioning is unique to each child, their needs, the environments they’re transitioning between and the adults involved in the process. We’ve put together some things we’ve learnt along the way from our own personal transitioning experience to help you as you prepare your child for school and their own transitioning journey. 

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Guest Post: Simon Berry - Seeing Beyond Disability

Simon Berry is an Optometrist who invented the “Visual Fixation System”, a device which helps make eye test easier for children with learning disabilities.

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Save 30% with our Special Collection Sale

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and Autism Awareness Day, we have reduced the price of our Special Collection app bundle!

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New look Special iApps

This is an exciting time for Special iApps as we have a brand new website to share with you all! 

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Updates for Android and Chromebooks

We have released new updates for Special Words and Special Stories for Android and Chromebooks which are now available to download on the Google Play Store!

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Match & Find now in Dutch

We have added Dutch to our Match & Find app, so it now supports 9 languages. You can download the app individually, or as part of our Special Collection bundle.

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News from Albania

Some pictures from Colin's visit to Tirana to train parents and staff of Down Syndrome Albania.

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Special iApps on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in Education. The Android versions of our Special Stories and Special Words apps can be used on Chromebooks to allow technology and learning to become accessible to children with a range of abilities.

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