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Communication is a two-way street

Effective home-school communication is an essential part of any child's development. Our Special Words and Special Stories apps can allow children to receive consistency with their education, care and support both at home and in school.

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Special Words and children with EAL

Many children are now arriving at English-speaking schools only able to speak in their native language with a non-existent or limited range of English vocabulary. Our apps allow children to develop their language skills and sight word vocabulary, and for educators to assess the knowledge of the English language that the child currently has.

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Special iApps turns 7

Special iApps is 7 years old today! The time has certainly flown by and there have been many exciting developments over this past year from a growing team, new offices and an MBE!

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Preparing for Your New Class

Special iApps are here for the year ahead (and beyond!) to support all newly-qualified and experienced teachers in the education of children with additional needs and in the wider classroom setting.

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Preparing for the New School Year

It's perfectly normal for some people to need extra help to explain and introduce new faces and new routines, particularly when returning to school. This is where our Special Stories app comes in!

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William and his chocolate factory

Easter may have been three months ago but if you're a family like us, you're bound to have lost of chocolate eggs left over. We created Special Stories with William all about making some chocolate bees.

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Special Words and farm animals

Developing from experiences with William is something very important to us, it is one of the reasons we developed the collection of apps we currently have. After visiting Broom House Farm, we used the activities in Special Words to develop more of an understanding and recognition of the farm animals.

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Down at the Farm

We had had some wonderful weather recently here in Durham, UK, so what better time than to visit a local farm and capture the outing with Special Stories.

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Learning the Signs for Garden Wildlife

Learning new skills and developing existing ones is a continuous process and it takes time. With help from Special iApps, your child can gain from the educational impact our apps have while still having fun.

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Life cycle of a butterfly!

Content can easily be shared between Special Stories and Special Words in no time at all. We particularly enjoy being able to use the stories we created with the different activities Special Words offers. It's great for homework tasks!

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