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News from Albania

Some pictures from Colin's visit to Tirana to train parents and staff of Down Syndrome Albania.

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Special iApps on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in Education. The Android versions of our Special Stories and Special Words apps can be used on Chromebooks to allow technology and learning to become accessible to children with a range of abilities.

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Visit to Albania

As a guest of Down Syndrome Albania Foundation and Services Centre, Colin will be visiting Albania shortly where he will be training parents and teachers how to use our Special Words and Special Stories apps.

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Updates for iPad and iPhone

This week we released updates to 5 of our apps on the App Store: Special Words, Special Words Pro, Special Stories, Special Numbers and Match & Find. These all now fully support iOS 12.1 and Apple's latest devices.

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Important Updates for Android

Our latest updates for Android address a number of issues, including crashing and inability to take pictures or record sound, as well as printing-related issues in Special Stories.

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Bett Awards 2019 Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that our app Match & Find has just been shortlisted as a finalist for the Bett Awards 2019 in the 'Special Educational Needs Solutions' category.

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Match & Find - now for iPhone too!

We are pleased to announce that Match & Find is now available for iPhone. You can use all the fun activities on your iPhone wherever you go, without needing your iPad!

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How schools can purchase apps

Purchasing apps for your school can be a confusing process. To help make things clear and easy, we have put together a simple guide on how to buy apps through Apple School Manager.

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Communication is a two-way street

Effective home-school communication is an essential part of any child's development. Our Special Words and Special Stories apps can allow children to receive consistency with their education, care and support both at home and in school.

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Special Words and children with EAL

Many children are now arriving at English-speaking schools only able to speak in their native language with a non-existent or limited range of English vocabulary. Our apps allow children to develop their language skills and sight word vocabulary, and for educators to assess the knowledge of the English language that the child currently has.

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