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Preparing for the New School Year

It's perfectly normal for some people to need extra help to explain and introduce new faces and new routines, particularly when returning to school. This is where our Special Stories app comes in!

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William and his chocolate factory

Easter may have been three months ago but if you're a family like us, you're bound to have lost of chocolate eggs left over. We created Special Stories with William all about making some chocolate bees.

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Special Words and farm animals

Developing from experiences with William is something very important to us, it is one of the reasons we developed the collection of apps we currently have. After visiting Broom House Farm, we used the activities in Special Words to develop more of an understanding and recognition of the farm animals.

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Down at the Farm

We had had some wonderful weather recently here in Durham, UK, so what better time than to visit a local farm and capture the outing with Special Stories.

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Learning the Signs for Garden Wildlife

Learning new skills and developing existing ones is a continuous process and it takes time. With help from Special iApps, your child can gain from the educational impact our apps have while still having fun.

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Life cycle of a butterfly!

Content can easily be shared between Special Stories and Special Words in no time at all. We particularly enjoy being able to use the stories we created with the different activities Special Words offers. It's great for homework tasks!

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We're Off to See the Butterflies!

We recently went on a little trip to Houghall Plant Centre, where amongst all the shrubs and flowers sits a small butterfly house. On a cold day, the warmth of the conservatory makes for a very inviting environment!

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Dan Gilchrist joins Our Team

We are very pleased to welcome Dan Gilchrist to the team at Special iApps, as Sales and Marketing Manager.

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What's in the Shopping Bag?

A great way to use Special Stories is to create a small shopping list specially for the children. You can take a photograph of each item that you need them to collect on the adventure.

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The weekly food shopping can be something of a chore! But with our Special Stories app this mundane jobs can be transformed into a fun and educational outing.

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