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COVID-19 Home Learning Resources

To support learning during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are providing free access to additional resources that can be downloaded using Special Words or Special Words Pro.

These new resources can be downloaded using Special Words or Special Words Pro on Apple, Android, Amazon Fire and Chromebook devices. They are available to anyone who downloads or has already purchased either of these apps. Once you have downloaded any of these resources, you can personalise them for the individual learning needs of your child, and transfer them to any of our other literacy apps: Special Stories, Special Spelling and Special Sentences.

The new resources are available to download until June 30, 2020. Once you have downloaded any of these, you can continue to use them after this date, for remote learning, home education, or at school.

The new resources available are:

Word list - animals Word list - British moneyWord list - clothingWord list - farmWord list - food

Animals, British Money, Clothing, Farm, Food.

Word list - food and drinkWord list - fruitWord list - gardenWord list - garden wildlifeWord list - home

Food and Drink, Fruit, Garden, Garden Wildlife, Home.

Word list - life events Word list - parkWord list - parts of the bodyWord list - petsWord list - nursery

Life Events, Park, Parts of the Body, Pets, Nursery.

Word list - seasideWord list - things that go togetherWord list - toys

Seaside, Things That Go Together, Toys.

Word list - aeroplaneWord list - vegetablesWord list - monkey

Transport, Vegetables, Zoo.

To download and use these new resources, please carefully follow the following steps:

How to Download in Special Words or Special Words Pro

  1. Open the app, go to Word List. Then on iPad or iPhone tap the action button (top right) or on Android tap the menu button (top right) and select Sharing.
  2. Tap the Import Word List button, and select Download from Special iApps.
  3. If you have not yet registered and activated the app, follow the simple steps there to do so.
  4. You will then see a list of different categories: first select the collection, and then the add-on. You can find all the new resources in the Learning at Home collection.
  5. When download has completed, choose Add new profile, NOT any of the Replace options.

How to Transfer to Special Stories or Special Spelling

  1. You need to have already installed one of these apps on the same device, or the options below will not be available.
  2. Open Special Words, and go to the same screen as when downloading, but choose Export Word List, and select the profile you'd like to transfer.
  3. On iPhone or iPad, choose Copy to..., select the format (Stories or Spelling), then tap the appropriate app icon.
  4. On Android, choose Open in Special Stories or Open in Special Spelling.
  5. If transferring to Special Stories, select either Add new collection or an existing collection, then select Add new story, NOT any of the Replace options.
  6. If transferring to Special Spelling, select Add new profile, NOT any of the Replace options.

When you have downloaded a word list, it becomes the currently-selected profile, for use in all of the activities. To switch between profiles, (those you have downloaded and any you already had), go back to Word List. Then on iPad or iPhone use Action > Manage Profiles (on iPad or iPhone), or on Android use Menu > Profiles.

Each list comprises text in British English with matching images, but without sound. You can record your own or your child's voice for each word using the app, and if you want to use in a different language, you can easily edit the text too.

If you transfer any of these lists to Special Stories, each will comprise a story with one word from the list on each page. To further develop learning, you can then extend this to short phrases or whole sentences with your child. You can then transfer your stories as topics into Special Sentences. You can also transfer any list from Special Words to Special Spelling to learn to spell each new word.

An alternative to adding your own sound is to use your device's text to speech (TTS) facility to hear a simulated voice. Our Sentences and Spelling apps have this option enabled by default, but in Words or Stories you need to have the very latest version of the app and to enable Text to Speech in the app's settings.

For help using any of our apps, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, User Guides and Help Videos or Contact Us.