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For Parents

And Carers

Create personalised learning resources to achieve educational milestones.

Special iApps was created by parents who understand the unique challenges of raising children with Special Educational Needs.


Our apps allow you to create something with your child and not for your child, which is incredibly important to help develop their independence and confidence.

Support children's learning at home and school today!

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Special Words app icon

Special Words

Speech, language, listening, vocabulary, reading...

Special Spelling app icon

Special Spelling

Spelling patterns, sound production, letter recognition…

Special Stories app icon

Special Stories

Social stories, reading, speech, home-school communication...

Special Sentences app icon

Special Sentences

Comprehension, grammar, punctuation, reading…

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

Counting, matching, ordering, selecting, comparing...

Match and Find app icon

Match & Find

Memory, listening, matching, searching, sequencing…

Why Special iApps?

Save time creating resources

Personalised word list in Special Words

Tailor learning to your child's needs by adding your own photos, text and recording the audio in your resources.

Curriculum resources

Range of illustrations

Bring learning to life by downloading 80+ word lists to support language development and build on curriculum work.

Stay connected with school

Special Stories - "Today in maths i was practicing my number formation with chalks."

Share resources between devices and apps to support your children's learning and see the progress they're making at school.

Support Remote Learning

Special Words settings

Use our apps to support learning at home, and watch our help videos for creative ways to support the curriculum.

Accessible for all abilities

teacher, boy and girl using iPad in classroom

Designed with the needs of children with Special Educational Needs in mind, adjustable settings reveal children's full potential.

Celebrate Achievements

child and parents using iPad together at home

Monitor your child's progress over time in the apps to gain an understanding of their need, abilities and current level of knowledge.

Get started creating your own learning resources!

Discover our apps