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For Parents

And Carers

Special iApps was founded and developed by parents and we understand the unique challenges and momentous milestones of being a parent and raising children.

Our apps allow you to create something WITH your child and not FOR your child, which is incredibly important to help develop their independence and confidence, as they become the ones in charge of their learning journey. Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, Android device or Amazon tablet, we have educational apps for you!

Apps for Every Child

Special Words app icon

Special Words

Speech, language, sight vocabulary, fine motor skills...

Special Spelling app icon

Special Spelling

Spelling patterns, sound production, letter recognition, increase vocabulary…

Special Stories app icon

Special Stories

Reading, social stories, home-school communication...

Special Sentences app icon

Special Sentences

Grammar, punctuation, reading, sentence structure…

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

Counting, matching, ordering, selecting, comparing...

Match and Find app icon

Match & Find

Visual and auditory memory, matching, searching, sequencing…

Why Special iApps?

Save time creating resources

Personalised word list in Special Words

Create your own resources fully personalised with your own photos, text and audio. It’s quick and easy to create them on the go to expand learning, allowing you to create something with your child and not for them.

Share information with professionals


It's easy and safe to share content to and from school, or with therapists. Copy content between devices and apps, or exchange resources using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud-based services or email.

Free resources

word list - school

Bring learning to life with our free resources to use in our apps to support children’s development and use as a basis for adapting curriculum work.

Adjustable settings for all abilities 

Special Words settings

Change the settings of all the activities to suit changing abilities. It's a great feature for revealing a child’s full potential and developing new skills.

Monitor your child's progress


Our apps allow children to show how much they really know, and provide parents and those who support them to see their strengths and areas of development. 

Support every stage of life


If they need some extra support through school transitioning, explaining new situations in life, or a new way to complete their schoolwork, our apps provide children the tools needed to thrive in life.

Ready to help your children reach their full potential?

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