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Increase motivation and enthusiasm to learn with Special iApps.

Special iApps are here to support children of ranging abilities and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Our apps are widely used in early years settings by teachers, teaching assistants, classroom supports and therapists within schools to support the development of children of all abilities and skill sets.

Apps for Every Student

Special Words app icon

Special Words

Speech, language, sight vocabulary, fine motor skills...

Special Spelling app icon

Special Spelling

Spelling patterns, sound production, letter recognition, increase vocabulary…

Special Stories app icon

Special Stories

Reading, social stories, home-school communication...

Special Sentences app icon

Special Sentences

Grammar, punctuation, reading, sentence structure… 

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

Counting, matching, ordering, selecting, comparing...

Match and Find app icon

Match & Find

Visual and auditory memory, matching, searching, sequencing…

Why Special iApps?

Save time creating resources

Special Words - science equipment

Produce high-quality visual resources quickly and easily within our apps. Personalise your resources with your own photos, text and audio, or ask students to create their own!

Share information with families

sharing information from our apps

It's easy and safe to share content in school and to and from home. Copy content between devices and apps, or exchange resources using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud-based services or email.

Free resources

word list - egyptians

Expand learning and develop students’ knowledge with our free resources, as well as adapting curriculum work to suit individual needs.

Track student’s development

pie chart

Understand your student’s needs, abilities and current knowledge level, and assess their progress over time. 

Support your students

child using iPad on floor in classroom

Help students to improve their concentration, confidence, and perseverance to complete a task. Increase their vocabulary, improve their word recognition, sound production, communication and language skills.

Support children of all abilities

girl and boy using iPad with teacher

Designed with the needs and abilities of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in mind, our apps are also supporting Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Pupil Premium, and Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans in the UK, and equivalent areas of support in other countries.

Ready to help your students reach their full potential?

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