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For Professionals

Our apps provide children with the opportunity to develop essential literacy, numeracy and social skills through the use of motivational, digital technology.

Special iApps are here to support children of ranging abilities and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We are widely used in early years settings by teachers, teaching assistants, classroom supports and therapists within schools to support the development of children of all abilities and skill sets. 

For several years now, ours app have been used as part of and to support Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans in the UK, and equivalent areas of support in other countries.

Apps for Every Student

Our most commonly used iPad apps in schools are Special Words, Special Stories and Special Numbers.

Special Words app icon

Special Words

Speech, language, sight vocabulary, fine motor skills...

Special Stories app icon

Special Stories

Reading, social stories, home-school communication...

Special Numbers app icon

Special Numbers

Counting, matching, ordering, selecting, comparing...

The benefits of using our apps for your pupils are:

  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm to learn, with an improvement in concentration span
  • Increased self-awareness skills, perseverance to complete a task, sense of responsibility, and heightened confidence 
  • Development of social skills
  • Attainment levels are dramatically improved through the incorporation of our apps in their education
  • Improved sound awareness, word recognition, sound production, communication and language skills
  • Increased use of expressive vocabulary and engagement in stimulating discussion

Resources for Teachers

Equip yourself with the Pro edition of Special Words, which gives you free access to our growing library of add-ons for early years and beyond.

Special Words Pro app icon

Special Words Pro

Teacher's edition with extras including printing, assessment sheets and dual-control

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Free Add-Ons

Download and share using Special Words Pro



Our apps are supporting children in more than 25 languages around the world.

Special iApps can support you as a professional:

  • Our apps allow you to easily assess the current knowledge and skills of an individual child, while also assessing their progress as time passes
  • The ability to personalise the learning journey of each child, adpating curriculum work into the apps to suit a pupil's needs
  • Saves precious time and resources as everything can be created and achieved within the apps
  • Our app Special Stories is increasingly being used for home-school communication, which is an essential part of any child's development
  • For children with English as their Second Language, our apps allow them to develop their linguistic abilities academically alongside understanding how to socially converse in their new social and cultural context. 


It's easy and safe to share content in school and to and from home. Our apps can also be used with cloud-based services including Showbie.

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How to Buy

If not already registered, register your school with Apple's Schools Programme.

You will then be able to purchase licences and download apps from the App Store for Education. Discounts are available for buying in quantities of 20 or more.

To find our apps on the store, search for Special iApps. Alternatively, just click on the Download for your School badge at the top of this page, and from the pull-down menu select an app. This will take you directly to the relevant page on the store.

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